Freihof 1885


Die vielfach prämierten Schnäpse zeichnen sich durch ihren hohen Destillatanteil aus. Der unverfälschte Geschmack dieser Kreationen kommt pur und im richtigen Glas am besten zur Geltung. Gleichzeitig bietet er Freigeistern den Raum für kreative Longdrink- und Cocktailvariationen.



TheSE award-winning creations are characterized by their high proportion of distillate. when enjoyed pure and in the recommended glass, Their genuine taste comes into their own. Moreover, they offer endless possibilities for creative long drink and cocktail variations.



Aroma: brilliant character, fresh, juicy, ripe, typical Williams aromas, oranges, lime, raspberries, fruit ester, banana, vanilla, a bit of hay and herbs, delicate green-skinned spice

Taste: intense varietal character, juicy, delicate compote notes, citrus, malt, honey, delicate caramel, beautiful sweetness, full-bodied, nutty, smooth bitterness, very good harmony, long finish on the palate


pure and complex pear brandy, delicate pepper, some apple, ripe pear aroma, some lemon grass, sweet and fruity aroma, full-bodied, discreetly tart


Aroma: cooked apricot notes, brilliant freshness, fine roasted aromas and fruit ester, base notes of bitter almond, nutty, cocoa, eucalyptus, vanilla, honey

Taste: jammy texture, some plum, bitter chocolate, marzipan, cinnamon, some green notes, minty flavor, full-bodied, great length on the palate


Aroma: classic fruit schnaps, baked apple, natural honey, spicy pear aromas, subtle apple notes, fine meadow herbs, vanilla, nuts, green bananas, green-skinned notes

Taste: intense, compote aromas, citrus, exotic notes, banana, pears, apple peels, chocolate, tangy spice, delicate sweetness of marzipan, good harmony, full-bodied, great length

Freihof_Himbeergeist 0,5L.jpg


Aroma: intense, fruity character, squeezed raspberry juice, quite fresh, citrus, oranges, green-grassy bitterness, delicate menthol coolness

Taste: aromatic, raspberry jam, nutty and full-bodied, delicate marzipan, raspberry fruit, almond sweetness, good harmony and length


Aroma: typical earthy and rooty character, fresh gentian, delicate eucalyptus aromas, floral notes

Taste: intense root aromas, delicate resin, essential oils, citrus and eucalyptus spice, sweetish on the palate, strong, long-lasting


Aroma: brilliant mix of aromas, subtle roasted hazelnuts, delicate almond and marzipan, caramel, cocoa beans, elegant essential oils, quite fresh

Taste: malty and creamy, typical hazelnut-cream character, finely roasted nuts, nougat, delicate bitter almond, vanilla, smooth marzipan sweetness, dense, great harmony and a very long finish


Aroma: complex and intense citrus aromas, fresh orange flavor and peel notes

Taste: intense orange notes, dense, powerful on the palate, long-lasting, balanced spicy and bitter freshness