Freihof 1885

about FREIHOF 1885

For People
WHO Think Differently.

- Since 1885 -

We are characters, adventurers and makers, but never followers who just copy and paste. Far from it, we dare to be as natural as a picture with no filter, we dare to question and we also dare to dream — not only by night. We are down-to-earth while still reaching for the stars. And although we do enjoy being online, being outdoors is what we definitely like best. We are constantly inspired by daily life and it is the incredible beauty of Mother Nature that we call our muse. This is why we gave a unique promise back in 1885 and we have kept it ever since. We may be sometimes loud and quiet at other times, but we are utterly natural all the time. We love our tradition, we live it in the here and now, and while established dozens of decades ago, we will still be ahead of the times tomorrow.

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